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Formosa - Friends Of The Night

Formosa - Friends Of The Night

Taken from Formosa's Album: Tight and Sexy

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quadcopter with camera

quadcopter with camera

The unmanned aerial automobile (UAV) which was once just a desire has now turn out to be a fact. The ideas connected with this technology are becoming clearer with just about every passing working day. Pretty quickly, we're going to see drones and UAVs turn out to be part of our everyday lives. 1 notion associated with drones is their use while in the area of personal companies. Attempts are being made to make this a truth and it is just a matter of your time.

Distinctive researchers along with businesses try to look for new avenues exactly where drones might be utilized and personal service is one of individuals parts. Individuals have to have assistants in order to efficiently execute their day-to-day perform. Generally, a human is hired for these types of operate but let's say a drone can be used in spot of an assistant?

There are many who've even conceptualized the use of drones for delivering private solutions like taking aerial selfies and generating relatives videos. Preserving a automobile parking space secured for you personally, making certain the road that you are going for walks down is secure for you along with giving you individual defense are a few with the other personal companies for which drones can be utilized.

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french montana

french montana

Charisse Mills brings homage to an iconic singer she loves Crystal Waters by remaking this epic smash with a new dance twist.

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Surrogate Mothers

surrogate agency

The history of surrogate motherhood goes back to biblical times. In fact, some people say it dates back to Sarah and Abraham. Certain people say that it started even before them, and that it is only recorded about Abraham because he was written about in the Bible. In many countries, surrogacy has been around since before records. Many cultures have belief systems that abide with the rules of surrogacy and those that do not agree can be thrown out of their families. Numerous religions and civilizations will actually celebrate the surrogate mothers, for their good deeds and service to others. During the 1980's surrogate mothers were used by the gay community to build their families, then, it was frowned upon by society.

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not Hillary

political satire

In this video it says what Snoop Dogg will do if he is elected president of the united states. He believe he can fix our state budget problems by legalizing marijuana, (aka maryjane, pot, reefer, weed, ganga). He also announces his running mate Nicholas Cage for vice president. Nicholas Cage wants to address our national deficit and get America on the road to prosperity. Certainly this is a refreshing change given that every time Donald Trump opens his moth he seems to offend groups such as women, Mexicans, and thinking that building a wall will solve our immigration problems. Hillary Clinton seems to have equal problems when you look at Benghazi, her email scandal or her time as first lady or secretary of state. Nor does Bernie Sanders seem to be a viable candidate because of his views a socialist, offering to give away free college, when we have huge national deficit.

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